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Battling exes Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are scheduled to be in family court June 9 for the latest round in their custody battle over their twin sons Bob and Max.

But, a source close to the situation tells and TMZ that the warring couple are putting their differences aside, for now, to work hard at reaching a settlement ahead of the date.

"Brooke and Charlie's attorneys are confident that a settlement can be reached before June 9, and its almost a done deal," the insider reveals. "There are a few very minor details to work out, but both sides are expected to tell the judge that the matter has been settled ahead of time."

Charlie went to court in April, after reported that Brooke had relapsed, in an attempt to gain temporary custody of the boys while his ex was in rehab.

The judge made no change in custody at that time because Brooke had enrolled in an outpatient facility and was getting treatment for her addiction issues.

"Charlie currently sees the boys every other weekend," the source shares. "As long as Brooke is sober, and actively working on her recovery, Charlie won't seek any changes in custody.

"Charlie's first concern is for the boys' safety. Brooke is still in her outpatient rehab program, and she will provide proof of that at the next court hearing."


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