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Charlie Sheen incited a bloody brawl during a night out at Hennessey's Tavern in Dana Point, California, on Oct. 10, RadarOnline reports.

Things reportedly got heated after a bass player who was performing at the pub attempted to take a picture of the Emmy nominee with his cell phone.

According to a Radar source, the "Two and a Half Men" alum confronted the musician, made a grab for his phone and then chucked it, which led to a dustup that ended with security escorting him from the venue.

There are conflicting reports as to whether or not the actor was taken out of the bar in a headlock.

A member of Hennessey's security team denied the claim to Radar, saying that the "Anger Management" star was escorted out by his arms to ensure that he was "not a danger to others."

But a female employee of the bar took to Instagram the night of the brawl to share a photo of herself and another young woman posing with the troubled actor earlier in the evening.

"#charliesheen just left my work in a #headlock #celebrities #sheen #twoandahalfmen," she captioned the photo.

When one of her followers asked if Charlie got kicked out, the woman replied, "Yeah he got kicked out because he tried to fight the bass player of the band afte[r] he tried to take a pic of him."

The young woman shared two more photos of herself and her pal with the Hollywood bad boy, including a shot in which Charlie is depicted smooching one of the ladies on the cheek.

This is hardly the first time the acclaimed actor has made headlines for his erraic behavior. His most recent antics include attacking ex-wife Denise Richards on Twitter, a drunken encounter with fans at Taco Bell and pulling a knife on his dentist.

In June, paramedics were called to his home to treat him for a bad case of food poisioning.


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