Reports of Charlie Sheen's death have been greatly exaggerated -- at least according to Charlie Sheen.

The "Two and a Half Men" star spoke exclusively to "The Insider" co-host Chris Jacobs about recent reports that he was killed during a snowboarding accident while on vacation.

"When I heard on the news that I had died the other day, I quickly ran to my PC and checked the ratings for my show," said Sheen. "Hmmm...that's odd, all the numbers appeared solid. Perhaps even up a bit. You can only imagine my relief when I discovered shortly afterward that they were referring to my actual literal death. That I can survive. I then quickly called my Mom."

In the wake of the actor's New York incident that resulted in his hospitalization -- Sheen's manager spoke out in regards to a report that the actor was in such bad shape that his friend thought he was "going to die this week," telling ET back in October, "I went over to Charlie's house earlier today because I was worried after reading [the report]. Complete bullsh** fabricated lies!!! Charlie was alone watching Brett Farve getting beat up by New England. He looked at me like I was nuts for coming into his house. 'Dude, you could have knocked,' he said. Charlie is fine and will be at work on Tuesday."

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