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Ben Dome / Pacific Coast News 1 / 6

Usmagazine -- Charlie Sheen has cooked up another batch of unforgettable one-liners.

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In a skit for Funny or Die, the 45-year-old actor hosts a new cooking show called "Winning Recipes," where he prepares his meals by willing them into existence.

"The skit was produced as a way to remind people he knows what everyone is thinking and he's in on it too," a production source tells exclusively.

The clip -- which pokes fun at his recent firing from Two and a Half Men -- also contains nods to the films Wall Street and Apocalypse Now. The script was written by former Saturday Night Live writer and producer Adam McKay, who runs Funny or Die with Chris Henchy and Mike Farah.

"Charlie doesn't want to do more press like last week -- that was a moment in time for him," another insider tells Us. "But while he's dealing with the custody cases and the lawsuit, he needs to rethink some things about how to keep his fans happy. He's an entertainer first."

Sheen's cooking skit premieres Thursday, March 10 on


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