Yes, Charlize Theron had a good side.

When the Oscar-winning actress, 36, briefly stripped down for her role in Snow White and the Huntsman, she had one rule: don't shoot her from the front or back. "I am very good with side nudity," Theron laughed during an MTV News interview. "I tend to find that's probably my best kind of nudity."

She added: "Back is a little too much back; I need an angle. I like angular nudity. I can do a small percentage of one side and the other."

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As the vain Queen Ravenna, Theron shot scenes where she would take baths in black and white goo. Though it helped her character maintain a youthful glow, Theron admitted the beauty routine wasn't as beneficial in real life.

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"I prefer the white goo because it was heated, and the black was not, and it was really, really f-cking cold," she told MTV News. "It stained -- it actually stained!"

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The actress -- mom to son Jackson, 6 months -- joked that she's either "going to die a very slow death" or gain superpowers after being submerged in the mystery goo. "I can bend metal with my breath," she laughed. "I don't know where that came from."

Snow White and the Huntsman -- also starring Kristen Stewart, 22, and Chris Hemsworth, 28 -- is in theaters June 1.

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