Joke or no joke, it seems that Cher still can't get over the fact that her big 'Burlesque' song, "You Haven't Seen The Last of Me," was passed over for a nomination by the Motion Picture Academy -- and continues to be snubbed.

Oscar co-host James Franco recently leaked audio footage of himself gamely trying to sing Cher's 'Burlesque' tune along with his reported tweet that "they pulled this from the oscar show."

Now Cher is on the war path with an angry tweet, doing nothing to hide her disappointment that a second chance for her beloved song has been apparently snuffed.

The veteran star tweeted in several consecutive posts, "Ok this IS ME BEING A BABY ! MY HEART IS BROKEN ! I WAS UPSET AFTER WINNING THE GOLDEN GLOBE … Not to b nominated by the Academy, but the Music Voting process is different Than the acting directing etc etc … Process ALL ACTORS GET A CHANCE TO VOTE 4 ALL the actors , same with directors etc ! With Orig Song … There is Blue Ribbon Panel of a few people who decide ! Unlike ALL Actors Getting To Deciede Who The ACTOR Nominees will b ! … James Franco was going to dress up in the "Welcome to Burlesque outfit & sing U Haven't Seen the Last of me ... I was OVER THE MOON ! cause even if I did get Snubbed by the music part of the Academy ... How Cool was it to sing your song … To have YOUR SONG sung by James Fkn Franco in Your Outfit ! Well I guess his singing ( unlike his Acting Sucks ) … But he COULD HAVE LIP SYNCED ! oh well I'm all sour grapes ! It was GREAT THAT HE thought the Song was good enough to try ! … Gotta count our blessings where we find them ! Disappointment passes! But I'll keep this Song alive."

Of course, Cher may not be in on the joke that Franco may or may not have been making about the song - and more likely about his lack of vocal prowess - and the possibility that "You Haven't Seen The Last of Me" was never intended to be performed on Sunday's big show. Or perhaps she was just upset that she won't be seeing Franco in drag…

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