STUART RAMSON / Invision/AP 1 / 6
STUART RAMSON / Invision/AP 1 / 6

By Saryn Chorney, reporting by Mary S. Park

The words "model behavior" and Chris Brown don't exactly seem like a natural fit, but the image-impaired singer seems determined to turn public perception around. Rihanna's ex-boyfriend received applause as he walked down the runway at the Fashion for Relief Haiti show organized by supermodel Naomi Campbell on Friday. Wonderwall spoke to Brown exclusively about his support for Haiti, answering Naomi's call, and why he's just another "regular person" with a "big heart."

WONDERWALL: Why did you want to walk in this show?

Chris Brown: Well, definitely because it's giving back to Haiti, raising money for them. So, that was the main focus.

WW: How did you end up getting to do it?

CB: Naomi (Campbell) actually called and requested me. Being able to come was kind of a blessing. It's good.

WW: Why is Haiti important to you?

CB: Because they're going through a rough time. I think Haiti is important to everybody, (not) just me personally. I think all in the all, the world needs to come together and help them. I'm a regular person, I have a big heart when it comes to giving back. Seeing that they're struggling, they're needing, I want to help the best way I can.

WW: That's nice of you. How else are you "giving back"?

CB: I also did something with BET and VH-1, the SOS Save Ourselves Relief for Haiti, as well. And I'm doing some personal stuff for me, back in Virginia where I'm from. Raising money. So there.

So there, indeed! Keep up the model behavior, Chris Brown. We'll be watching you.

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