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Derek Storm / Splash News 1 / 4

By Brenda Rodriguez, with reporting by Ericka N. Goodman

Chris Brown is staying far away from L.A. this weekend. That's right, don't expect to see him at the MTV VMAs on Sunday. Instead the singer turned up at the John Varvatos and Stillhouse launch of the Original Moonshine fashion show in New York on Saturday night to check out the collection. Wonderwall chatted with the singer about his personal style, surviving the constant drama in his life and nixing the VMAs from his schedule this year.

Wonderwall: Welcome to Fashion Week! How would you describe your style?

Chris Brown: I'm a little eclectic; I would say it really reflects my personal style. I can sort of define my style like my personality, which is a little bit reject with a little bit preppy. But you know then I might flip it sometimes and kind of like use my image consultant to give me something that everyone can relate to but it's still kind of different. I think you have to be comfortable with yourself and then you become comfortable in your clothes. So I think I'm doing both those things tonight.

WW: Are attending any other fashion week events?

CB: No, not really. I'm loving this John Varvatos event right now.

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WW: The VMAs are on Sunday. Who do think will bring home a VMA this week?

CB: I'm not really into the VMAs this time. I'm just not paying attention. I've been traveling a lot and keeping myself busy. So it's not on my radar. I mean there's a lot of good talent out there so it's whoever.

WW: Rihanna is nominated for a VMA; do you think she'll win?

CB: I can't really say.

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WW: Is she one of your favorite artists?

CB: My only favorite artist is and will always be MJ, Michael Jackson.

WW: Has it been tough to get over the whole drama you had last year?

CB: Being oversees has sort of gotten me over the hump, gotten me through things. People just seem to care less about the drama over there. So being away from the states for a while gave me some time to really get myself together, there's not as much stress on my career when I'm away.

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WW: I see you've got a rabbit's foot on your belt. What's that about?

CB: It's just a sign of good luck.