Peter Kramer / KRAPE 1 / 21
Peter Kramer / KRAPE 1 / 21

Chris Brown's father has urged the singer to dial back his friendship with ex-girlfriend Rihanna, insisting it would be best for his career if he keeps his distance.

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The former couple recently put aside their tumultuous past to work together on two new tracks, but the pair's collaborations infuriated fans of Rihanna, who were upset by the news she had reteamed with the ex who left her black and blue after a pre-Grammy Awards fight in 2009.

Brown's dad, Clinton Brown, has voiced his concerns about a possible reunion, revealing he has advised his son to stay away from Rihanna to prevent further problems.

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He tells Star magazine, "I do not condone everything that goes on with Chris, but I love my son with all my being. I am always concerned about him. ... He can make his own decisions. But, as a concerned parent, I would rather they not have any involvement."

But Brown's dad assures fans upset by the former couple's ongoing relationship that there's nothing romantic going on: "He said, 'We are friends, and that's the extent of it.' But when you're that emotionally involved with someone and have a history, it could cause problems. Sometimes you need to cut the strings and move beyond the past."

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