@chrishemsworth / Instagram 1 / 14
@chrishemsworth / Instagram 1 / 14

Fitness with a +1!

Chris Hemsworth, who just recently joined Instagram, is bulking up with a little help from one of his sons.

On Oct. 15, the "Thor" star shared a picture of himself on a treadmill while hoisting his son over one of his shoulders. He flexes with the other arm.

"The family who trains together, stays together!" he captioned the humorous snap.

The image is only the second that the actor has posted since joining Instagram earlier this week. His first post showed him looking puzzled as a large snake slithered in the background.

"Hangin' with the locals in my backyard," he wrote, "the real Jurassic Park!"

While we love his humor, really, we're just happy he's on Instagram so we can look at him more. His attractiveness isn't lost on his costars either.

Earlier this month, Jessica Chastain joked, "He's such a nice guy. I just wish he was better looking because I don't know how he's going to overcome that. Hollywood is such a difficult industry unless you're blessed and Chris, you know, if he only worked out a little bit more."

Jessica followed up her obvious tongue-in-cheek comment by praising the Chris for his good fortune in the gene pool.

"It's disgusting, really," she continued. "I'm in this movie and I'm in all these scenes with him and he's so tall and I'm like, 'Really?! I have to share a frame with you?' He's a Greek God. It's crazy."