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In the June issue of GQ magazine, Chris Pine is out of his standard, red Starfleet Academy-issued spacesuit and sporting some way snazzier threads. The new -- and dare we say improved -- Captain Kirk is still a bit of a mystery man, though. Check out his stylish photo shoot and excerpts from the interview below to learn more about the young captain of the USS Enterprise 2009, uh, we mean, 2233.

You weren't much of a Trekkie, we hear.

I was a "Star Wars" kid. The kitsch factor in the original "Star Trek" series is high, but the show manages to take on these huge questions about race, sex, and war. I have a great appreciation for what Mr. Shatner did with the part. There's a gravity to it, but he's having fun.

What was the state of the Lindsay Lohan circus when you starred opposite her in "Just My Luck" [in 2006]?

She was making a lot of money and attracting a lot of attention from the paparazzi. It put in stark relief that I don't want that kind of life.

Isn't Star Trek bringing it anyway?

Maybe. But I'm not gonna hunt it out. I won't tell my publicist I'm going to Starbucks in twenty minutes and to call the photographers.


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