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Christian Slater has had his fair share of bumps in the road over the years what with his substance abuse battles, jail time and relationship troubles. But after being sober for a few years and with a new show for FOX called "Breaking In," Slater is embracing his new life. See what Slater had to say to Details about being sober, going to jail and Winona Ryder.

DETAILS: You've been sober for some time. How had you moved beyond your past decision?

CS: Look, I could spend a lot of time kicking the shit out of myself for the choices I made. I was dealing with alcoholism and addiction, and there was a lot to take on without much life experience. Addiction is not pretty, and you don't fully understand it unless you're dealing with it head-on. That's why when I see other kids struggling, I will sometimes reach out to them—a call or an e-mail.

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DETAILS: Really? Did you reach out to Lindsay Lohan?

CS: Sure, of course. I appreciated the people who reached out to me. It's a brutal position to be in. You feel alone and confused over where your life went and how you got yourself in this situation.

DETAILS: What was your experience spending time in jail?

CS: Honestly, not so bad. Jail was a result of me not taking time for myself. So I was forced to take some time for myself. [Laughs] It was necessary for me. When you're going down that path, you either kill yourself or you're forced to take time out.

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DETAILS: You've done a bunch of great movies and a bunch of bad ones. Can you tell if they're good or bad when you're doing them?

CS: Did I have any idea that "Heathers" would be a good movie? No. "Pump Up the Volume"? Yeah, I had an idea. I like that one.

DETAILS: Are you in contact with Winona Ryder at all? Did you see her in "Black Swan"?

CS: No, not yet. I've always loved her, and I always wanted to work with her again. It's great she's doing well. Agents were sometimes like, "Oh, she's crazy" or whatever, but I'm like, "What?" I worked with her. She's great.

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