Charlie Krupa / Invision/AP 1 / 7
Charlie Krupa / Invision/AP 1 / 7

By Kat Giantis

Is something going on with Christina Aguilera beyond feeling such an unfettered surge of patriotism during the national anthem that she trilled about the "twilight's last reaming" instead of how the ramparts were gallantly streaming?

Since filing for divorce from Jordan Bratman in October and taking up with Matthew Rutler soon after, the Super Bowl-bobbling popster has supposedly drunkenly crawled into Jeremy Renner's bed during his star-packed 40th birthday party and picked a fight with "Burlesque" co-star Julianne Hough.

Xtina's purported behavior has even earned her unfavorable comparisons to meltdown poster child Britney Spears, and it may have those closest to her concerned.

The New York Post claims Aguilera's inner circle formulated a plan to push her to get her act together, but when she discovered what they were up to, she threatened to kick them all to the curb "for even suggesting she has a problem."

"They wanted to talk to her carefully about the issue, but they're not going to because they are scared after she threatened to fire them," says an insider. "Her people desperately want this to come out so she will get help."

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Not so, insists another source, who dismisses the talk of trouble as a rumor started by a "fired and disgruntled former staffer." Christina, maintains the source, is simply dealing with a temporary rough patch.

Still, if the story is true, the employees are right to be worried about their job security. Shortly after Aguilera debuted son Max in the pages of People magazine back in 2008, she reportedly tossed a hissy and canned a manager, an assistant and her PR team.

On the plus side, Xtina, who was said to be "visibly upset" after her Super Bowl performance, has a shot at redemption on Sunday, when she's set to make an appearance at the Grammy Awards.

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