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Over the course of her 36-year-long career, Chynna Phillips has conquered TV, movies and, of course, music. But this Wilson Phillips member is showing a whole new side of herself on this season of "Dancing With the Stars." Read on as we chat with Chynna about wardrobe malfunctions, whether she thinks she's taking home the Mirror Ball Trophy on the season finale and more.

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Wonderwall: You and your "DWTS" partner, Tony Dovolani, are killing it out there! What makes you guys work so great together?

Chynna Phillips: We had great chemistry. We make each other laugh so much, and he tells these jokes that just have me doubled over. I'm so grateful that I have somebody that has a fantastic sense of humor, but at the same time knows when to get serious when he needs to turn on the teacher role and he needs to guide me and show me the moves and the combinations and the choreography. He's great at balancing the fun with the hard work.

WW: Who from the rest of the cast are you closest to?

CP: I'm the closest to Kristin Cavallari. We call each other our new BFFs. She's super sweet. She's very funny. She's totally willing to tell it like it is. If I'm having a bad day, I'll text her, and we just sort of lean on each other. We give each other the thumbs up after every dance and have a giggle in hair and makeup. She's just brilliant. She's just a great person all around.

WW: How is she dealing with the rumors that there's a romance between her and her partner, Mark Ballas?

CP: First of all, it's totally untrue! Secondly, nothing brings Kristin down. After being on "The Hills," she's used to this kind of stuff. She just sort of takes it with a grain of salt and moves on. She never takes any of it too seriously. I really respect that about her.

WW: Nancy Grace allegedly had a nip slip on last week's show. Are you afraid of a similar wardrobe malfunction happening to you while you're dancing?

CP: If you've seen one nipple, you've seen them all. I mean, come on, people, please. No, I'm not worried about it. If my nipple were to fly out, amen. I guess it was meant to be, and the whole world would see my nipple. Wow, big deal. I really could care less. Wardrobe malfunctions happen all the time and people like to make a big to-do it, but the truth is, we all have the same body parts, you know?

WW: Which is more stressful: dancing on the show or singing in concert?

CP: They're two completely different animals. I would have to say dancing. I would never trade in being a singer for being a dancer. I have a whole new profound respect for dancers. I don't know how they do it on a daily basis. It is such a grind. I understand how emotionally fulfilling it is, because when you actually get the routine and you get the choreography and you're actually doing it, it's something like I've never experienced before.

WW: Would you ever do a dance to one of your own songs?

CP: I'm doing a dance to 'Hold On' on Monday night! I'm really excited about it because they're asking each celebrity, what their most memorable year is. And for me, my most memorable year was 1991 when 'Hold On' was released and when I met [my husband], Billy [Baldwin]. I think there's gonna be rocks on the set, like in the video. That was Tony's idea. And I'm kinda like, "Tony, are you sure that's not gonna come off completely corny?" He's like, "Trust me, the rocks are gonna work. It's gonna remind people of your video." And I'm like, "That's what I'm afraid of!"

WW: Have you toned up since starting rehearsals?

CP: I mean, my gosh! I never gave dancing enough credit. It really does give you some nice long lines, a firm little butt. I have been feeling the benefits of it. How could I not? I'm dancing five hours a day.

WW: What is it like seeing couples get voted off the show?

CP: It is really hard to see couples get voted off because you really sympathize because you're like, "Oh my gosh, after all that work and after all that energy and then to just have it be over in one night, in one judgment, has got to be shocking." At the same time, I try to keep in mind, "That could you, Chy. Any night, that could be you." And so I try to keep that in mind because it's an elimination show. That's the whole game. I don't try to obsess on it too much, but it is an elimination show. It's just the way it goes.

WW: Do you think you and Tony could win?

CP: Yeah, I think I could win. I mean, if I didn't think I could win, I probably wouldn't have entered the competition, and I think that that's a good attitude to have. You sort of want to be in it to win it. If I don't win it, I'll be OK with that too. But I do have high expectations of myself, and I do really hope that I can go deep into the show.

WW: We hear Wilson Phillips is doing a reality show. How's that going?

CP: We started filming, and we're shooting a pilot. It's looking really good. It's super fun. And it's all about touring with Wilson Phillips, following us as we record our next record and, of course, girly stuff, getting manicures, pedicures, going shopping together -- just seeing the interplay between the three of us.

WW: How are you adjusting to having the cameras around 24/7 for it?

CP: It is strange, although this particular reality show wasn't interested in coming into our homes and taping our children and our family lives, which I was really adamant about. I didn't want to have cameras in my house, so it's not really 24/7 for us. It's more like a workday.

WW: Has Kristin Cavallari given you any advice about filming?

CP: Kristin basically said to me, "You know, Chy, it's really fun, but they're gonna manufacture rumors and they're going to release things into the press that aren't true and you're going to be living two lives: the life that you live on the show and your real life. So just try and not let those two words collide. Keep them separate."

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