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By Michelle Lanz with reporting by Mary S. Park

Cindy Crawford is a woman who can wear many (figurative) hats: Supermodel, mother, wife, and designer of home decor. Now the stunning 44-year-old is adding jewelry designer to her repertoire with her own collection at JCPenney. The beauty chatted with Wonderwall at the JCPenney's Best of Spring Showcase about her new venture, how she juggles it all and still manages to stay so dang fabulous.

Wonderwall: Congratulations on your new jewelry line.  Why did you want to add jewelry to your home collection?

Cindy Crawford: We felt that there was a place for me. At JCPenney, jewelry was in the home division so I was with the team that I was already working with ... and what girl doesn't love jewelry, right? We really wanted to do jewelry that was wearable from morning to night, like little pieces that you can layer, but not too fashion or too statement, not trendy, just little collectibles.

WW: You feature a lot of couches and comfy looking beds in your home line. Where's your favorite place to curl up after a long day?

CC: From a practical point of view, I love our sheets because they're really great thread count but they have a slightly satin finish, so they're really comfortable. People love our sheets.

WW: Which specific sheets do you have in your home?

CC: Just the basic white. I like white. 

WW: What's the must-have item people should buy from your home line?

CC: We have a new great bed coming out for spring called 'coral fusion.' It's a beautiful combination of brown with coral which were some of the trends we saw for spring and we were able to get that into the collection.

WW: As a supermodel, what do you think of the new trend of curvier models?  Prada just used three Victoria's Secrets models.

CC: I think it's fashion and it's always changing and I really don't think about it. I don't spend nights thinking about it.

WW: You've always been known for being healthy and not stick thin.

CC: I think the idea for beauty should be very broad and should encompass different ethnicities and different body types. Hopefully fashion will move towards that. Fashion is fickle and they do what they want to do.

WW: You and your husband were models.  If your children wanted to get into the business, how would you feel about it?

CC: I wouldn't encourage them but I wouldn't discourage them. If they want to do it when they're older hopefully I can help them do it in the right way.  

WW: How do you balance it all -- career, motherhood, marriage, appearance?

CC: Some days it's easier than others but I don't know. It's just about really knowing what your priorities are and being realistic about how much you can accomplish in a day and sometimes you have to say no to stuff even if it's great stuff.

WW: How do you maintain your flawless looks? Some people love Botox to look fresh.

CC: I work at it and I think I have good genes. I just got lucky.

WW: You're friends with George Clooney. Do you think George will win the Oscar this year?

CC: Oh yeah, absolutely. Always!

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