Will Binns / James Breeden / Pacific Coast News 1 / 11
Will Binns / James Breeden / Pacific Coast News 1 / 11

Back in early February, an eyebrow-raising photo of Cindy Crawford clad in black lingerie made the rounds on the internet.

The image, which was leaked from a Marie Claire Mexico shoot, caused a huge stir because it was purportedly un-retouched and revealed imperfections on the supermodel's stomach and legs. Crawford was widely praised by bloggers and on social media for embracing her flaws.

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Except the image was faked. According to TMZ, people in Crawford's camp are claiming someone stole then dramatically altered the original photo to make the supermodel look bad.

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TMZ obtained a letter from an attorney representing the photographer who took the photo of the mother of two that it says threatens those who post the image with a lawsuit if they don't apologize and take it down. Multiple media outlets have complied, the website reports. The image can be seen here.

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On Feb. 14, Crawford's husband Rande Gerber showed the world just how stunning his wife, 49, really is when he posted a personal snapshot on his Instagram page of the model sunning herself in a bikini along with the caption, "She got flowers and I got her. Happy Valentines Day @cindycrawford."