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By Jen Odell, with reporting by Ericka N. Goodman

If you still get all nostalgic remembering a baggy sweater and Docs-clad Angela Chase pining for Jordan Catalano on "My So-Called Life," you may be comforted to know that Claire Danes still has a soft spot for the "chunky sweater" and boots look. Wonderwall caught up with the "Temple Grandin" star at her longtime friend, Zac Posen's Z Spoke runway show on Saturday, where she chatted about her Emmy win, her plans for Fashion Week and her must-have styles for fall.

Wonderwall: Congratulations on your Emmy! Were you expecting it?

CD: Thank you, I worked hard on it! It came as a surprise.

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WW: How would you describe your personal style?

CD: I would say it's pretty minimalistic, typically. I think tailoring is very critical and often times overlooked. And my style is heavily formed by my close relationships with Zac [Posen] and Narciso [Rodriguez]. I've known them both nearly all my life and all of my adult life. I've known them both since I was a solid teenager. Other than that, my style is pretty minimal and pretty casual at times.

WW: What are your fall fashion must-haves?

CD: It's always about the boot and the sweater all winter. I mean, when is it not? And I'm a big fan of the chunky sweater, always.

WW: Is there a lot of pressure for celebrities to look good at fashion week?

CD: No, it's enjoyable, it's a good time. It's not my night, it's [Zac's]. So the pressure is very minimal on me.

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WW: What other events are you checking out this week?

CD: This is my first [real] show, so it's exciting. And this is Zac's first time showing Z Spoke -- and he's showing his more formal line for the first time in Paris, which is really thrilling. Zac is doing some really fun things with Z Spoke ... Zac and Narcisco are both very near and dear friends. Plus, I just really love their work.

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WW: What essentials won't you leave home without during Fashion Week?

CD: My cell phone, lip gloss and my driver's number for events like this. I mostly don't use a driver but during Fashion Week you need one! This is, like, the only time I have a driver in life!