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By Wonderwall Editors

Coco Rocha is a modern-day supermodel, whose résumé rivals those of the biggest names in the industry. With a bounty of runway shows, advertising campaigns and magazine covers under her belt, she has now paired up with Naomi Campbell and Karolina Kurkova to coach teams of aspiring models as they compete to become the newest face of ULTA beauty on Oxygen network's hit reality show "The Face" airing Tuesdays at 9/8c. Keep reading to see what the model said about her new gig, her favorite part of Fashion Week and the one thing you might not know about the star …

On her new role as a coach on 'The Face':

Coco Rocha: "It's a thrilling feeling especially when we're in the subways or watching buses pass -- seeing all the advertisements for the show. I'm thinking: 'Wow this is bigger than I've ever expected it.' We filmed it back in September/October and so we've already experienced it, we already know the results of it, and now it's just pretty much seeing what everyone else thinks."

On choosing the aspiring models to join her team:

"If you saw the casting special, there's definitely one girl that we all tell her 'No, she's not going to be on any of our teams, we're so sorry,' and all of a sudden she turns around and she says, 'Well why, what's wrong with me, why cant I work?' and she kind of falls to pieces and starts to cry and says this is her chance, and her only time to do this, and I felt for her and I was like you know what, never mind, I'll put you on my team, I like your guts, I like that you stood there and told me that 'I'm a hard worker and I'm going to do this.' So what can I say? I fell for it. I really feel for people who wear their heart on their sleeve."

On her favorite part of New York Fashion Week:

"For me it's kind of like a reunion. It's almost like a fashion high school reunion. I get to see my old model friends, the designers, stylists, casting directors, so I get excited to see people that I haven't seen since either the last season or a few seasons back. Yes, it should be about the clothes, but it's more about the people that I get to see since I don't see them all the time."

On her red carpet philosophy:

"I think it's being confident in what you're wearing. Truthfully, I don't think that there's a rule of thumb, you could wear a Lady Gaga outfit if you're confident in it, and then that's all that really matters to you. ... You could wear H&M head-to-toe, and not have confidence and it would look horrible, but then maybe wear a Lady Gaga outfit head-to-toe and have the confidence and people will just love it and think it's dynamite, so it's really about how you portray yourself."

On the one trend she wishes would go bye-bye:

"Uggs. Get rid of Uggs. I mean, they're meant for sleepwear and that's it. They're named Uggs for a reason because they're ugly. I don't know why people wear them. What did Karl Lagerfeld say: '[Sweatpants are a sign of defeat.] You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants' ... and Uggs."

On the one accessory she can't live without:

"My iPad mini, and I say that it's an accessory because you can fashionably decorate them nowadays. I think it is the most important thing, I mean clothes, who needs clothes? But an iPad is definitely important. Especially since I have such an online presence and so many accounts to keep in touch with. An iPad mini is cute but also very usable."

On the one thing the world doesn't know about her:

"For me, I would say, randomly, my mom was a flight attendant when I was little, so I have gone through, what we can count, 58 babysitters. I was not a bad child, just for some reason no one wanted me around. That's probably a secret a lot of people don't know."

On her favorite part of being a model:

"I think nowadays modeling has changed so much, in that were not just a pretty face. We're there to be spokespeople and it's not to just take a beautiful photo and have great cheekbones. It's what do you stand for, what is the brand? And that gets me excited because in the beginning it was fun to take photos. But I also wanted to be known for something else and I'm glad that it's changed with social media and I'm very excited about this show because I'll have a new platform to share my story, plus the stories of models and to express how I feel about how models need to be treated and taken care of in this industry. So I'm excited to have a voice finally ... in this industry."