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Coco Austin never misses an opportunity to flaunt her sizable assets, and she proved last night that not even Hurricane Sandy could keep her contained!

VIDEO: Coco Says, "Touch My Butt"

In a video posted to her YouTube page before the storm reached its zenith, Coco is seen on her balcony talking about the high winds.

In the video caption, she writes, "You can't hear anything that I'm saying but this was taken an hour before Hurricane Sandy hits land."

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"I wanted to show how incredible the winds are and that the rain hurts your face when it touches you & you get wet so fast after being outside for 1 minute. Its actually not too cold which makes it tropical."

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Clearly, Coco wasn't kidding when she tweeted, "I get turned on by extreme weather. I always wanted to be a Meteorologist."


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