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RW / MediaPunch / AP

By Jessica Wedemeyer

No doubt about it: Connie Britton is one hot mama. Sure, the four-time Emmy nominee has access to some of the top hair and makeup artists in the business, but off set, she prefers a makeup-free existence and favors efficient beauty products like Pond's wet cleansing towelettes and cold cream cleanser. While promoting her two must-haves, Connie chatted with Wonderwall about her 3-year-old son Eyob, why he's so hilarious and the unofficial music education he's receiving on the set of her musical drama "Nashville." Keep reading for the highlights -- her top beauty tricks and more -- or check out the full interview in the video above.

On the latest with her son:

"Every day he is something new. He makes me laugh so hard -- he's hilarious. Now it's all trains all the time, which it has been for a while, but he's getting to that stage now where he's starting to tell stories with all his little train characters. It's very fun to watch."

On the unofficial music education her son is receiving on the set of 'Nashville':

"I feel so fortunate that I've been able to expose him to that world. He'll come on set while we're recording a concert or whatever and he'll get to go up and play the drums or go strum a guitar, and he loves all that. I just think it's great for a child to be exposed to all that music."

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On her plans for summer break with her kiddo:

"I'm taking a little time off to be with my son. …. But I will also be working on a couple different projects that I'm excited about, and then in September I have a movie coming out that I did last summer called 'This Is Where I Leave You,' which is an incredible movie … It's a wonderful movie, so I hope everyone gets to see it."

On her love-hate relationship with makeup:

"When I'm just out on my own, I don't actually wear very much makeup. So whenever I go to set or to my hair-and-makeup chair … it feels like a transformation. I just bow down to great makeup artists because they can work wonders with makeup. It's really amazing. So I can just sit there and relax and let them do their work."

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On the beauty product she always keeps in her purse:

"I love the Pond's towelettes because as opposed to just regular wipes … they're amazing for your face. They remove all the makeup and they also tone and moisturize. So I use them in the morning first thing. I use them all day long. I have them in my car [and in my] purse. I just find them to be so effective -- and I feel good about what's actually happening on my face."

On her top beauty trick:

"I try to keep it pretty basic and use things that have a lot of functionality so that I can keep it relatively simple. Now that we're heading into summer -- finally, thank goodness! -- SPF is very important. I try to find products like tinted moisturizers -- they're a great thing -- with SPF in it because it protects from the sun but you also get a little bronzy. The other thing for summer is any kind of lip tint or lip gloss that has SPF in it. [It's] very important. I've discovered that the hard way with chapped lips."

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On recently being named a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Development Program:

"I'm really thrilled about it. Outreach in that way has been something that I've been interested in for my entire life. I've always wanted to be able to do something impactful in the world, particularly around issues of poverty and women's equality, and those are the two main focuses for what I'll be doing with the U.N. … They are doing so much great work in the world, so hopefully I will be able to be very effective that way."