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Just in time for the release of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," Megan Fox is working the flick's excitable fanboys into a frenzy by announcing she's living life Brian Austin Green-free. "I'm currently what you would call single, I guess," says the oh-so-quotable starlet (via the London Sun), who stumped for the film in Berlin on Sunday while wearing a slit-to-there, nipple-accentuating red gown. Fox, 23, who continued to spend time with the former "Beverly Hills 90210" star, 35, after they called off their engagement in February, is currently considering her options. "There is this Korean Justin Timberlake named Rain," she says, "and I'm really on his situation now." Not that she's completely adjusted to flying solo. "I'm nervous about being single again," Megan admitted at Monday's London premiere. "It's very scary." And here's a tip for any brave future suitors out there: The tattooed, tumescent-lipped looker apparently prefers sincerity and a well-developed funny bone to a square jaw and washboard abs. "I want my next boyfriend to be honest and funny," she says.

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In other romance news, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long continued their cozy streak this weekend with a little help from CoverGirl. While making the scene at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee, the actress was snapped decorating her sometime squeeze's face with the same Adam Ant-like makeup streaks she was sporting. And it appears the drawn-together duo were as affectionate as ever while grooving to the sounds of Bon Iver and MGMT. "Drew seemed to be in her element as she swayed to the music," a spy tells the London Sun. "They looked close -- just like any old couple in love."

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We're starting to wonder whether Disney powerhouses Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas received an official memo on how to talk to the press about their quality jetski time in Georgia last week. On Monday, Nick, 16, told Britain's Radio 1 of his ex-sweetie, "You know, I think we've reconnected and that's what important. [We're] just hanging out, having a good time, enjoying life." That closely echoes what Miley, 16, told a Nashville radio station on Friday, when she bubbled that they've "definitely reconnected" and are "just kind of kicking it and hanging out as much as we can." The toothy teen queen, who recently parted ways with underwear model Justin Gaston, split with the curly-haired popster in late 2007, a breakup she's admitted left her bawling "for a month straight."

David Beckham hasn't given up hope of having a soccer team-sized brood with wife Victoria. "I really want more kids and I hope it happens soon," the dad of sons Brooklyn, 10, Romeo, 6, and Cruz, 4, tells Britain's the People newspaper. "I want a little girl. That would be amazing." Also amazing, according to the Armani undies-shilling soccer star, is his fashion-forward missus. "Whenever she tries something new," he gushes, "she manages to pull it off."

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Speaking of Posh and Becks, did Paris Hilton put them down in her pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo? Britain's less-than-reliable News of the World claims the Doug Reinhardt-ditching starlet attempted to woo the Portuguese soccer stud during their posterior-flashing, PR-generating tête-à-tête last Wednesday by hinting they would be bigger and better than the Beckhams. "We could be great together, you know," Paris supposedly cooed. "We're both so famous we'd become even bigger than David Beckham and Posh Spice. We're way hotter and younger than them anyway!"

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And finally, Mel Gibson's romance with Oksana Grigorieva hasn't just produced his soon-to-be eighth child. It's also brought forth a grating musical testament of their devotion. On Monday, Grigorieva, 39, a classically trained pianist, released the first single off her upcoming album, "Beautiful Heartache," a helium-filled ditty called "Say My Name," which People magazine reports was co-written by the ornery and not-quite-divorced Oscar winner, 53. "It is naked, intimate, raw emotion," says Oksana, "little more than piano and voice as if it is a cry from the soul." Listen here and decide for yourself whether it's also a cry for earplugs.

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