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Oh yes she did!

On Wednesday's "Late Show with David Letterman," Courteney Cox told her side of the story regarding her trip with David Arquette (and daughter Coco) to Disney World -- where her estranged husband tried to talk her into the sack.

"He did try to hit on me," the Scream 4 actress, 46, admitted to David Letterman. "He hit pretty hard. and I said, 'No more fast pass right now. Not that ride!'"

Arquette was raunchier in his description during his Tuesday chat on the Howard Stern Show. "Listen, I tried to f--- her, and she doesn't even want me," the 39-year-old star said. "[I thought], this is the happiest place on Earth! Let's make it happier!"

Cox's response to his latest confessional? "Dude, that's not really for anyone to know," she told Letterman.

"He's somethin' else," she continued, adding that Arquette is "over 100 days sober now. He's doing great."

Why did her guy reveal so much about their private life on Stern's show last fall, anyway?"We got separated and David wanted to just go out and tell the truth," she explained. "He was doing a lot of drinking and stuff. He shared a lot!"

The next day, during an appearance on Good Morning America, Cox added of Arquette's crazy Stern outbursts: "David is a showman, he knows what he's doing. He has such a big heart and I know whatever he says is just for entertainment. He knows what he's doing. We're at the best point ever."


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