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Shia LaBeouf has been left heartbroken after a wild coyote hopped his fence in Los Angeles and ate all of his pet chickens.

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The "Transformers" star kept a flock of six birds in his backyard to promote a tranquil atmosphere at his Hollywood home, but he woke up over the weekend to find a bloodbath on his lawn.

He tells Jay Leno, "This weekend was rough. ... I woke up 5 a.m. ... and it was just a massacre. I had six chickens, I was raising 'em and I woke up, there was just blood everywhere. It was a (gory) Quentin Tarantino movie in my backyard. ... It looked like a shoot-out. Just chicken bodies everywhere."

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He added, "I was looking at (security) cameras and things trying to figure out what it was. Was it a snake? Was it a coyote? Was it a ninja? I didn't know what it was. ... Finally I figured out it was a coyote. ... I have an eight-foot fence and I saw it jump (the fence)."

LaBeouf says he is too grief-stricken to replace the chicks and risk a similar tragedy happening in the future, adding, "They're gone. I'm done with it. I can't, it was too tragic."

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