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Danielle Bradbery fans rejoice! "The Voice" alum's sophomore album is right around the corner. During a break from recording the follow-up to her self-titled debut, the "Young in America" singer chatted with about lending her talents to the Colgate Skating Series' "Progressive Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular" -- "I've never done anything like that before," she enthused. The beautiful blonde also dished on staying in touch with "Voice" mentor Blake Shelton, collaborating with her songwriter boyfriend and her secret weapon to nailing -- or shall we say pinning! -- the perfect red carpet look. Keep reading for more -- and don't forget to catch the next installment of the Colgate Skating Series, "Visionworks Shall We Dance on Ice," on ABC on Saturday, March 7. Tell us about your experience performing during the Colgate Skating Series' "Progressive Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular."

Danielle Bradbery: "It was a really awesome experience. I love ice skating and gymnastics -- it's so fascinating. It was so much fun to sing while they performed. It was really, really amazing ... and just unbelievable all around to see how they do their thing."

WW: How do you fare in the ice-skating and gymnastics department?

Danielle Bradbery: "I haven't done ice skating, but when I was five years old, I did a little bit of gymnastics. I still fall when I ice skate. ... I wanted to be a cheerleader, so I tried to get into gymnastics -- but that didn't last long."

WW: Tell us about your upcoming sophomore album.

Danielle Bradbery: "My next album is gonna be a little different from my first one -- I'm putting more me into it. I'm writing a lot, and the songs that I'm writing sound really cool and different. ... Hopefully we'll have a single out soon. I've been in the recording studio. We're getting the ball rolling on everything and it's really exciting."

WW: Your boyfriend is a musician. Any plans to collaborate?

Danielle Bradbery: "He wants to be a songwriter. Sometimes we'll sit down and try to write a song."

WW: What's your relationship like with your "Voice" mentor, Blake Shelton?

Danielle Bradbery: "We talk about everything. He gives advice a little here and there, but when we talk, he's usually just asking me about my writing and how I'm doing with everything. He's always asking if I'm doing OK personally. We just try to hang out and see each other as much as we can."

WW: Do you keep up with "The Voice"?

Danielle Bradbery: "I try to keep up with it. Being on the road and doing so many things at the same time is a little difficult, but I try. Every now and then I'll talk to Blake [after I watch the show]. ... I try to be into it as much as I can. It's cool to see everything and know exactly what they're going through."

WW: What's your No. 1 must have on tour?

Danielle Bradbery: "I have to have my phone. Honestly, that's the only thing I can think of!"

WW: You have such great red carpet style. What inspires your look?

Danielle Bradbery: "I'm really big on Pinterest. I try to find different types of really elegant dresses and pin an award show board that my stylist will look at. She feeds off that. I don't want to have the same dress as anybody else. I think it's like that for every girl. I have my own look -- I just don't know how to describe it yet."