Following his "America's Got Talent" farewell, David Hasselhoff is set to give TV viewers a behind-the-scenes look at his life as a single dad.

A&E has greenlit 10 half-hour episodes of an untitled docu-series, slated for 2010, which will follow Hasselhoff as he tries to help his daughters -- Taylor-Ann, 19, and Hayley, 17 -- break into the recording biz, since both girls dream of becoming singers, the network says.

"It's the dream of every parent to be able to help their children succeed," Hasselhoff said. "I told the girls that I would help them open the door when they are ready, but they would have to walk through it on their own. This is their time…"

A&E says that in addition to the series documenting Hasselhoff's attempts at helping his daughters catch career breaks, viewers can expect to "find out ultimately who is running the show in 'The Hoff' household."

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