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Call it assault with a thirst-quenching weapon. Seems Lindsay Lohan has taken her fight-picking ways to a Manhattan hot spot, where she pitched a drink into a model's pretty face, claims the New York Post.

The rock bottom-skimming starlet is lucky she didn't lose some teeth in the purported dust-up at hot spot 1Oak a few days back, because it involved New York Rangers hockey players Sean Avery and Aaron Voros, whose girlfriend, Jessica Stam, was said to be on the receiving end of the dousing.

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"Lindsay threw a fit because she wanted to be at their table near the DJ," a spy recounts to the paper. "But she claimed she didn't want to sit with Aaron and said, 'He's my ex-boyfriend. I don't want him anywhere near me.'"

But Voros insisted that he didn't know Lohan, which seems to have sent her rage soaring into the red. Eyewitnesses claim she flung the drink at Stam and, unaware that her star power has bottomed out, "demanded" their table be removed.

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Not surprisingly, the powers-that-be refused to accommodate her request and she exited the club soon after, probably in a big ol' huff.

"Lindsay threw a fit," echoes another insider. "There was total drama for absolutely no reason."

But drama is LiLo's oxygen, and hurling liquids is becoming her aerobic exercise.

Last month, she reportedly winged a drink at her ex, Samantha Ronson, during a run-in at a Los Angeles club.

"It was ridiculous," an onlooker said at the time. "Sam was sitting at a table, and Lindsay came up from behind and tossed an entire drink at her. Sam looked livid but just let it go ... Why people even let Lindsay inside their establishments anymore is beyond me."

Sam appeared to confirm the incident, tweeting, "Just got a glass thrown at my head. ... Hmmm - wonder who did it?"

Lohan also had a tussle with Avril Lavigne during a recent night out at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. In a familiar move, the onetime actress reportedly tried and failed to get the popster and her pals tossed out after Avril branded her a "loser" and a "fake."

And you'll recall that last week, she allegedly screamed at a bouncer who hesitated to let her (and her 30 person-strong entourage) into the VIP entrance of a Ray Ban-sponsored shindig in Brooklyn.

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Meanwhile, Hurricane Lindsay blew into Cannes on Sunday afternoon to announce her planned movie about porn star Linda Lovelace, a trip that comes just four days before she's due in court to show that she's completed her DUI-caused traffic school classes.

"I'm in compliance more than ever," the Olympic-level excuse-giver told Hollywood.TV just before jetting off to France, adding that she needs a few more weeks to finish the remaining four of her required 13 classes. "I think it should go well."

But according to TMZ, the judge in her case has stated that she must complete the classes by Thursday's court date. Or else.

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