@ddlovato / Twitter 1 / 13
@ddlovato / Twitter 1 / 13

Having a bad face day? Well, there's an app -- a ton of apps, actually -- for that. Between Instagram filters and new smartphone photo airbrushing tools, it's pretty easy to turn your average selfie into a glamour shot these days.

Well, Demi Lovato says we should show off our natural beauty instead, tweeting a makeup-free photo of herself -- in which she is beyond gorgeous -- and encouraging her female followers to do the same.

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"Ladies, be brave today," she tweeted. "Take off your make-up and stop using those filters!! WE are beautiful!!!" Heck yes we are!

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While we may not look as flawless as Demi sans makeup, we're totally down with the idea of showing off our hot, barefaced selves -- and we love that she's leading the charge. Because, after a while, those slightly blurry, X-Pro II-enhanced headshots all start to look the same.


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