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Demi Moore is reportedly out of the hospital, but speculation continues to run high over what, besides "exhaustion," helped land her there in the first place. In a newly released (and chaotic) 911 call placed Monday night, a female caller reveals, "She smoked something. It's not marijuana, but it's similar to incense." Demi's health drama has the media scrambling and the rumor mill churning. Among the reports:

According to E! News, Moore appeared "pretty hyper" and was "acting crazy" in the hours preceding the 911 call. Word is, she was having a small get-together with some girlfriends at her house when she apparently began convulsing.

TMZ says that due to privacy concerns, the call was edited, and personal details, including the actress' alleged use of whip-its (better known as nitrous oxide), were removed.

But did an energy drink add to Demi's problems? TMZ claims the slimmed-down was "obsessively drinking" Red Bull in the weeks prior to her hospitalization.

Sources at Red Bull say that Moore, 49, would regularly have cases of the wing-giving energy drink delivered to her Los Angeles home. And the London Sun ups the ante, contending that she would down Red Bull instead of consuming alcohol or eating a balanced meal.

"She was jumpy, jumpy, jumpy," a spy who socialized with Demi recalls to the New York Daily News.

People mag, meanwhile, claims Demi's dependence on undisclosed "prescription" drugs became a "sticking point" in her marriage to Ashton Kutcher.

"He wanted her to take care of herself and get a hold of things," explained a source, "and she wouldn't."

Demi is said to be seeking "professional assistance" for her issues, but whether she's getting any help from her estranged husband remains a mystery.

Kutcher, 33, landed in Los Angeles on Thursday after spending the week in Brazil, where he attended a Bruno Mars concert, partied with supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio and shot a fashion catalog campaign.

As he exited LAX, he ignored questions about Moore's condition, but sources insist she's on his mind.

"Ashton is deeply concerned for Demi," a confidant tells People. "He still cares about her and wants the best for her. But their marriage is ending and they are both moving on with their lives."

Echoes a spy to Us Weekly, "He cares a lot for her. He's very concerned and will always support her."


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