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Troubled singer Sinead O'Connor has thanked hospital staff treating her for depression after she was able to eat her first proper meal in three weeks.

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Earlier this month, O'Connor revealed in a series of Twitter posts that she had taken an overdose of pills and had been pleading for help from a psychiatrist. She also claimed to have attempted suicide twice during her short-lived marriage to Barry Herridge, who she split from just 16 days after their Dec. 8 nuptials.

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O'Connor recently checked into a medical center to seek help for her condition and she's already making good progress after regaining her appetite.

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In a series of posts on Sunday, she writes, "Aaaand.., an actual solid meal of fish, potatoes and salad was actually eaten by the crazy Irish b**ch!!!!!! 1st solid food in 3 weeks!

"Knew would be on mend when could eat potatoes [sic]. Yay! Thank u God. And hospital."