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Could Omer Bhatti be Michael Jackson's secret love child? ET special correspondent Diane Dimond weighs in on whether or not the King of Pop has kept his son hidden from the world.

"Omer has been on the Jackson scene since the early '90s," Diane says. "His parents worked at Neverland Ranch back then. Some say Omer called himself 'Michael J,' and that he called Michael 'daddy.' And, when the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department raided Neverland in 2003 -- Michael Jackson wasn't there -- but Omer Bhatti was and was interviewed as part of the criminal investigation."

More recently, Omer was seen at Michael's memorial at the Staples Center seated front row center with the Jackson family, right next to Joe Jackson.

"The Jackson family has obviously accepted Omer into the inner circle," Diane says. "For years, multiple sources have told me, the Jacksons have wondered if he was Michael's natural-born son. No one knows for sure."

Omer does appear on YouTube in several videos as a featured dancer. He even has his own Web site, obeegalaxy.com, with the homepage dedicated to the Gloved One.

Now Star magazine, on stands Friday, reveals that Omer and "Blanket" may be brothers.

"Everyone has always wondered who is Blanket's mom," the mag's Web editor Suzy Byrne says. "Our sources have found out. Her name is Pia Bhatti. She lives in Norway."

Suzy continues, "Omer performed the moonwalk which totally impressed Michael ... Omer has toured with Michael and the two often dressed alike. For years, Michael claimed Omer was his son. Omer even spent time looking after 'Prince,' Paris and Blanket ... but it was clear that Blanket was his favorite."

Needless to say, the only way to prove a biological connection would be a DNA test.

"Of course, for the young man to take a DNA test, he will have to get a sample of Michael's DNA from the family. The family might hesitate because if he is proven to be Michael's child, he'd be entitled to part of the estate," Diane says.

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