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Jackson Lee / Splash News 1 / 6

It's apparently not enough for Renée Zellweger and Bradley Cooper to be in the grips of a blossoming romance -- they need to be in the grips of a blossoming romance while Jennifer Aniston sits somewhere feeling blue.

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"Why He Chose Renée," teases the cover of this week's Us Weekly, which claims Jen, 40, who had a dinner date with the suddenly sought-after "Hangover" star, 34, shortly before he stepped out with Renée, 40, feels "rejected and upset."

"She doesn't see what Renée has that she doesn't," a source tells the mag.

A Zellweger-boosting mole helpfully breaks it down, saying that the ultra-lithe Oscar winner is "so no-drama," and "just does her thing, has her life, and is cool." She's also said to be "super fun" and "optimistic about life." (Hey, Jen seems pretty fun to us, too. We're just saying.)

People magazine, however, has a kinder, gentler explanation for why Zellweger and Cooper looked so lovey-dovey during their recent feel-copping getaway to Barcelona, Spain.

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"They get along really well and just kinda click," says a spy. "Bradley likes the speed of everything. He likes that Reneé is low-key."

According to the mag, the "Case 39" co-stars hit a private bash together on Sunday night in New York before turning up at a Starbucks outpost in Philadelphia on Monday.

On Tuesday evening, Zellweger did her patented hip-thrusting pose at the premiere of her new film, "My One and Only," an event Cooper skipped.

"They're not ready for red carpets," explains the insider. "They don't want to be public just yet."

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Renée good-naturedly sidestepped Bradley-related questions at the screening, but she did tell "Good Morning America" this week that her summer has been going swimmingly.

"I stopped for a minute," she explained, "and I started to take a look around at my personal life and fill it up a little bit with things that didn't have anything to do with being an actor and having a public persona."

As for what she looks for in a guy, Zellweger ticks off kindness, empathy, humor, wit, self-reliance and honesty, according to People.

"I like clever folks," she shares. "I like people who are concerned with [what] the path they leave behind them looks like."