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Doug Meszler / Splash News 1 / 6

The self-proclaimed "King of New York Nightlife," Sean "Diddy" Combs tells UrbanDaddy that if he was to open a club of his own, it would be a very particular kind of club.

"I'd probably open up a swingers club, to be honest. VIP. Members only. On 78th between Park and Madison," said Diddy in an interview

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So the hip-hop mogul wants to add "group sex initiator" to his resume, but not just any average joe or jane would be welcome in his hypothetical den of iniquity. To join in the Swingin' Diddy club, "You have to hit the gym. You have to look beautiful naked," says Diddy.

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I mean, Diddy can't have his name associated with anyone who doesn't have a perfect body, right? Anyone less than perfect might diminish his baller status, and he can't have that. Diddy admits that though his entourage doesn't have to look good naked, they do have to adhere to hygiene guidelines and "just keep the breath fresh." Admittedly, that's a corporate rule we can agree with. No one wants to have to communicate with a walking halitosis bomb.

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Diddy goes on to tell UrbanDaddy more fun facts, like his hobby of walking "nekkid through Central Park with my lady... she's fully naked for me. With only some Louboutins on." Who knew Diddy was such a nudist? And where does he find these magical women willing to walk a mile in Louboutins?

OK, so Diddy's obviously joking, or we would have seen paparazzi pics of him walking in his "no-pants" through New York City, not counting Benjamins fully clothed (see image on the right). And I guess when you're rich and famous you get used to having hot people disrobe for you all of the time. Can you imagine what kinds of hotties he has lounging by his pool 24/7?

No plans have been set in motion for this Diddy-owned swingers club, so until then we'll just wait for the paparazzi pics of a pantless Diddy to pop up on our radar.