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They've never met, but "Diet Tribe"'s hunky trainer Jessie Pavelka and Jake Pavelka, the hot new "Bachelor," are distant cousins.

"My dad explained it to me," Jessie tells ET, but also admits he doesn't quite remember how the family tree grows. "My dad met his dad, but I never knew him growing up. I went to college in the same town where he grew up, but I have never spoken to him."

Even so, Jessie says he thinks it is great that Jake is going to be "The Bachelor."

"Hopefully, he does a good job and finds love," says Jessie, who is a newlywed himself. He and Canadian actress Sitara Hewitt, who stars on the CBC TV series, "Little Mosque on the Prairie," tied the knot on Sept. 18.

"We met through a mutual friend," he says. "It is pretty amazing."

Jessie moved to Hollywood with the hope of becoming an actor. His cousin Jake once did the same thing. But for Jessie, his day job, which was training people, turned out to be his ticket to TV.

"It just worked out that 'Diet Tribe' came along and I was able to use that and put the fitness thing on a pedestal, where I could help more than just the people I was training," he says.

On "Diet Tribe," now in its second season, Jessie takes five ladies on a weight-loss journey over a four-month period.

"Each one of them has a story and all of them have a struggle in life," he explains. "We give them all these tools. You know when you figure something out about yourself, it just hits you. We get to see that happen. The most rewarding part of my job is when they realize: I am a totally different person than I used to be."

Up next for Jessie is a role in a Lifetime TV movie, "12 Men of Christmas," which stars Kristin Chenoweth, and a book due to hit newsstands in 2010.

"It is going to be cool because it is real. You will see. It is about how to live a healthy life," he says.

"Diet Tribe" airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on Lifetime TV.The new season of "The Bachelor" will begin in January 2010.

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