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Michael Murdock / Splash News 1 / 6

Need a break from the depressing glut of celebrity tales involving cheating and alleged domestic violence? How about an uplifting story (or three) about a star doing good?

First up is Colin Farrell, who paid a Christmas Day visit to Our Lady's Children's Hospital in Dublin, where he spent several hours visiting with the young patients and showering them with presents, according to the Evening Standard.

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This is apparently an annual tradition for the reformed Irish bad boy, who prefers that his benevolence stays under-the-radar.

"He keeps a low profile when he comes in. He doesn't want photographers or anything," an insider tells the paper. "He comes in every Christmas Day and spends a lot of time with the children."

Farrell, who welcomed his second son in October, also likes to give his hand-eye coordination a workout.

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"He has bought Nintendo DS and Wiis for them and plays with them for a couple of hours," continues the source. "He's really popular with the staff and really genuine, and the kids really love and appreciate his visit."

The actor's charitable bent is well-documented.

In addition to his long-standing support of the Special Olympics, he reached out to a homeless gent during the Toronto International Film Festival a couple years back, taking him on a shopping spree and offering him money and assistance to get off the streets.

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Meanwhile, on the other end of the do-gooder publicity spectrum is Kanye West, who gave his "I'mma let you finish"-tarnished image a much-needed polishing last weekend by volunteering to serve lunch to the homeless at a Los Angeles mission.

"It's just important to give back when you're very blessed," explained the Grammy winner, who was accompanied by his bald-pated squeeze, Amber Rose. "[It's nice] to spread your blessings and take time out, especially during the holidays, to appreciate people who never get that appreciation. It makes me feel really good to come out here."

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And finally, it looks like Demi Moore has taken time out from the Great Photoshop Debate of 2009 to help those less fortunate.

Star says Mrs. Ashton Kutcher ponied up $100,000 to a California community center that helps kids and seniors in need after an electrical fire earlier this month destroyed food and toys set to be handed out over the holidays.

Says a source, "Demi whipped out her checkbook right away."

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