Donald Trump named his next "Apprentice" on Thursday night's episode of the NBC reality show. Read on for a spoiler-filled recap.

It came down to 40-year-old Texan Clint versus 30-year-old Brandy from San Francisco, and both gave a strenuous pitch as to why they should win.

Clint told Donald, "I would go anywhere you told me to go in the world and I would love it, because I'd be learning under you."

Brandy took a slightly different approach, telling him, "I would really learn a lot from you and I think that maybe, maybe I could teach you something along the way." She pointed out that she'd like to work with his children, and said, "Maybe it's time to learn with somebody who's the next generation of the Trump name."

Brandy's pitch sold The Donald, and he called her "amazing" and "outstanding," before he exclaimed, "I want to congratulate you Brandy," while saying in the next breath offhandedly, "Clint you're fired."

"Brandy, congratulations, I look forward to having you as the apprentice," Donald said.

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