Adriana M. Barraza / WENN 1 / 8
Adriana M. Barraza / WENN 1 / 8

By Melissa Hunter, with reporting by Corey Podell

For some reason, Doug Reinhardt attended the Young Hollywood Awards presented by last night. I guess he qualifies for being A) young and B) living in the vicinity Hollywood. But we're used to seeing him on red carpets serving as Paris' man-purse (i.e. a dude who serves as a good-looking red carpet accessory/holds her lip gloss), so catching him here alone seemed kinda unnatural.

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Nevertheless, Wonderwall chatted with Reinhardt 'cause, you know, he seemed kinda lonely. And he told us some interesting tidbits ... like how he thinks Speidi have a good marriage.

When asked what he thought of Spencer and Heidi's relationship, he told us, "They're really nice people. They seem to have a good marriage. They seem happy with each other."

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Really, Doug? You're gonna be civil about Speidi? If you want to maintain any form of relevancy, you might as well get a good feud going on.

And really, if he holds Speidi's relationship in high esteem, you know that his relationship with Paris was pretty darned horrifying. Sure it was probs a fake relationship, but I'm sure even faux dating Paris is pretty traumatic.

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When we asked what his plans were for the summer, he told us, "I have two shows I'm working on, one with E! and one for A&E."

We don't know what they're about. But considering A&E is the creator of "Intervention" and "Hoarders," we can only imagine that one is a gritty, raw show about Doug's withdrawal from fame/relevancy. You can make it through, Doug! Just step away from the red carpets and sociality girlfriends. We believe in you.