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For nearly a year, "Ducky Dynasty" star Korie Robertson has been hiding a medical secret.

In her new book, "Strong and Kind," the reality family matriarch reveals that she quietly underwent major surgery last December while getting a hysterectomy.

She spent more than six weeks recovering in excruciating pain, she said in her newly released book.

"I never dreamed it would be two weeks of getting out of my bed only to move to the recliner," she wrote, claiming the doctor told her she would likely be just 85 percent recovered in six weeks.

The invasive procedure removes a woman's uterus and sometimes, it can also remove other reproductive organs.

Korie said that she even had to put on a brave face during the whole ordeal and still do media interviews, although only her family knew of her struggle.

"There were moments of bravery during this awful time," she recalls. "I had to do a couple of interviews for the television show, and I had to make one appearance. I managed to fake feeling good."

One unexpected downside of the surgery was what happened to her house, seeing that she couldn't really do household cleaning.

"The house was destroyed!" she says. "My house looked like a frat house after a party."

Everything eventually got better, though.

"We are now able to laugh about the whole incident, which I love," she said. "It's okay for your kids to see you vulnerable."