@therock / Instagram 1 / 13
@therock / Instagram 1 / 13

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is an authority on the big screen and in the wrestling ring. When he was younger, kids actually thought he was an authority of the law!

Considering how he looked, you really can't blame the kids either!

The affable star took to Instagram on Aug. 6 to post a throwback high school photo of himself when he was 16 years old. He looks like a man amongst teenage boys, especially because of that mustache, or as he calls it "a dead caterpillar!" He looks more like a door-to-door vacuum salesman than a kid worrying about his SAT's.

"By the time I was 16 yrs old, I had already enrolled in four high schools across the country due to being evicted and lil' trouble with the law," he told his 23 million followers, listing his schools. "I was also 6'4 225lbs, rockin' a dead caterpillar on my lip (aka the porn 'stache) and all the kids in every high school thought I was an undercover cop cause I looked like a mutated, yet handsome SOB of a man child."

The actor says he spend his high school nights in bars in Nashville. Again, he looked so old that he probably wasn't even carded!

"In Nashville I was already hangin' out in honey tonk dive bars on Music Row and hustlin' cars from crackheads," he said. "Yup, one of the many reasons why I'm a grateful man for the life I have today and also grateful I straight up kicked puberty's a-- early in life."

He hashtagged his photo by questioning that dead caterpillar, asking, "And WTF Was I Thinking With This Mustache?"

Like we said -- The Rock, even then, was a man amongst boys.