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By Jon Warech

It feels like every day a photo of a bikini-clad LeAnn Rimes pops up on the Internet and someone has something negative to say.

E! News host Giuliana Rancic was the latest to jump on the "she seems a little thin" bandwagon, trashing Rimes for her bathing suit body, but Rimes' husband, Eddie Cibrian doesn't see the problem.

"I'm not sure why [LeAnn is being criticized,]" he told Wonderwall from the Charisma Fashion Night Out event at Bloomingdale's in New York City. "I think she looks great."

And, Cibrian adds, all these outings to the beach are really more for the kids than the paparazzi.

"The kids love the water and love the sand," he said. "Whenever we have the opportunity to go to the beach we go. They love to swim and they've got dirt bikes. They love to do that. Whatever it is that they want to do, it's basically their itinerary and we follow it."

Cibrian is using all of his free time to cater to the every desire of his kids - Mason and Jake - because filming of his new show, "The Playboy Club" will relocate the actor to Chicago.

"They came out for a week and hung out before school started, but we'll be flying home every weekend hanging out with them," he said of his kids. "I always get one day off to have a three day weekend to go back home and be with them, so that's nice."

The move to the Midwest will be an adjustment for Cibrian but and even bigger change for Rimes, according to the actor.

"I lived in New York for five years but she's never really lived in a city before," he said. "For her it's a big adjustment and I'm sure that the winter will be a big adjustment. The city is actually wonderful. The people are great. The food is fantastic, but come January I'm not sure I'm going to be singing the same song."

"The Playboy Club," which premieres Sept. 19 on NBC is set in Chicago in the '60s and centers around the club that made Hugh Hefner a household name. Cibrian got to meet Hefner when the media mogul screened the pilot episode at the famed Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles.

"It was kind of bizarre and surreal," he said of his one time at the Mansion. "This is an iconic place - the Playboy Club west - and he comes out in his iconic smoking jacket and invites everyone into his movie theater where he must have screened a thousand movies for countless people. He's a very big fan of the show. He has such a big grin on his face when he refers to that time in life."

As for Cibrian, who plays lawyer/Playboy club regular Nick Dalton, this gig is really his first foray into the Playboy world.

"I'm the kid that was deprived, because everyone else that I know could sneak around their parents' room and find Playboys," he said. "My dad didn't have them or they were very, very well hidden."