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She doesn't need their help picking out a red-carpet look, but, growing up, Elizabeth Olsen's clothing came straight from her big sisters Ashley and Mary-Kate's closet.

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"For two years, I didn't buy anything. I've had this [grabs a huge, gray faux-fur jacket] for two years. It was a sample from The Row that never got made. But even as a little kid, our parents made us go through our closets so often, so I had all their hand-me-downs," Elizabeth, 22, tells ASOS magazine. "As I passed on them, [Elizabeth stands at 5-foot-7, four inches taller than Ashley, while Mary-Kate is slightly under 5 feet tall], it was awful, because all my friends would get their clothes and I got nothing. Pants and shoes never fitted me after 14, but all my friends would say, 'Oh, this? This is Mary-Kate's.' I'd be like, 'I hate you, that's so cute.'"

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And while her 25-year-old sisters' lines, Elizabeth and James and The Row, are sold at luxe retailers like Neiman Marcus and Barneys, the star explains where she really finds her inspiration.

"When I was in high school, I would go to second-hand stores -- not because I thought it was cool, but because you could get so much more for your dollar," the "Martha Marcy May Marlene" actress says.

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"I love Celine now. My sisters introduced me to that label a couple of years ago. And Chanel. And Isabel Marant has become someone that I really like," she adds." I didn't know all this stuff before this year, but I thought I should probably become more aware so I can have more of a say in what I wear."


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