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Just call it a makeup malfunction.

Emma Stone, a true vintage beauty, had a little snafu with some cosmetics on Dec. 15 and smudged her light HD makeup on her nose and forehead. The front-and-center muddling made it nearly impossible to focus on any other part of her otherwise flawless makeup job.

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"The Amazing Spider-Man" actress's snafu came as she took a break from starring in Broadway's "Cabaret" to chat with David Letterman.

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The special makeup is meant to give skin a flawless finish when it is captured through a video lens. Unfortunately it was the camera lenses that exposed the mishap, wherein her face appeared to be covered with powder.

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"What looks perfect in normal lighting can appear totally different when you have the harsh lights of flashing cameras on you," celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg previously told Us Weekly. "Many women think you can just touch up with any powder for an event, but all powders have different finishing textures."

Emma found that out the hard way.