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Can you guess which "Modern Family" star supports modern medicine … and also really, really hopes that Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello have ugly, alien children? recently caught up with Eric Stonestreet, who is raising awareness about Immuno-Oncology through the Ready. Raise. Rise. campaign. "I'm just like everybody else in this world. I lost both my grandfathers when I was a kid to cancer; one to lung and one to pancreas. And then I had an uncle that passed away about 10 years ago from an aggressive form of leukemia. My mom's a two-time survivor...So, you know, I'm not different," the actor said about how cancer has affected his life.

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So why is Eric so excited to be apart of the Ready. Raise. Rise. campaign? "It's a program that is raising money and awareness for a brand new, exciting research in the cancer world called Immuno-Oncology. What Immuno-Oncology does is it harnesses your immune system and it finds and fights cancer using your own body's immune system. …But also when the person goes to they can fill out a flag for someone that they love or themselves, if they are a cancer survivor, then they can raise that flag in support. I raise my flag for my mom. And the three advocacy groups that have the most raised flags, Bristol-Myers Squibb will donate money to those three groups," he told

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And of course we couldn't let Eric slip away without asking him about Sofia and Joe's upcoming wedding and whether he has secured an invite yet!

"I know I'm already in because I'm singing 'Ave Maria' at the wedding," he joked. "Maybe I can be an usher, I've got to find my way in! No, I'm happy that they're happy. Joe's a good guy, I really like him a lot and obviously I love Sophia so I'm just hoping that if they have kids that they're ugly! I hope they look like alien babies from another planet because it's not fair that they both look like that. They better have some alien babies," he joked.

But what's not a laughing matter is how proud he is of his younger co-stars, like Ariel Winter, who recently revealed that she's interested in studying law and has been touring schools on the east coast.

Eric's response to Ariel's big news: "I love that! She's an ambitious girl and she can do whatever she wants to do. She's super-smart. We got very lucky with all of our kids. All of our kids are super-grounded and super-smart. They'll obviously go on and do whatever they want to do. I'm jealous of them after the show is over, they're not even going to be 20 yet and they still have the whole rest of their lives. And meanwhile I'm in my twilight -- maybe I'll go to Law School too and be an old, Southern attorney wearing a Seersucker suit! You're outta order!"

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What can we say? Eric Stonestreet is just as kind and funny in real-life as he is on TV. So show your support for his latest campaign to raise awareness about Immuno-Oncology and raise your flag in support of cancer research at!