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Sunset Boulevard got a whole lot sexier on Wednesday night as the Victoria's Secret Angels and Hollywood's hottest celebs celebrated the launch of the Victoria's Secret SWIM 2011 collection.

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Romeo, who is currently sashaying his way into our hearts on "Dancing with the Stars," joked around when asked what the sexiest thing about him is, "Other then my 15 - pack?" he quipped with a laugh.

Victoria's Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio explained that it's all down to exercise. "Whatever I work out the most that day.  Sometimes I go to Pilates and we work out the abs and that's my favorite part that day...then the next day its the bum then, it depends... the arms, the legs."

The lovely wife of Orlando Bloom and Victoria's Secret Angel Miranda Kerr tugged on her sexy body part as she shared, "I'd have to say my ears, they are little ears."

The celebs were just as naughty and fun when asked, "What is the sexiest part of the opposite sex?"

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Hunky heart throb Mehcad Brooks shared his idea of the sexiest part of a woman saying, "Gotta be the neck, I think it's the neck!"

Victoria Secret model Christine Teigan giggled as she says, "I was never into butts before but after John (Legend) I think I like butts now, right?  Its like a shelf!  He can put his Grammy's on it."

Victoria's Secret Angel Adriana Lima playfully answered with a wink, "I want to keep that a secret, because I would be talking about my husband and I don't want every woman in this world to know what is my favorite part of him. I can not say it!  It is rated R!"

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