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Life is not only good for the Duke and Duchess, it's gold.

A family friend told PEOPLE that Prince George and Princess Charlotte's mommy and daddy are in for an "exciting time" and that this is the "golden period" of their lives.

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The couple's joy, too, is shared by others it the royal family.

"The Queen and Prince Philip and Prince Charles are absolutely delighted they have a grandchild and great-grandchild -- and of course it is an heir and spare," the source said.

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While both Will and Kate are still glowing from the birth of Princess Charlotte, they may not be done expanding the royal family.

"They've been looking forward to having a family," the friend says. "They enjoy family life and seeing it among their friends' families -- that's why I think they will have a third."

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This week, the family of four headed to their country home of Anmer Hall to settle into their new life.

"Today, some cattle was put on the fields around the Hall, and I think that was so the children could see them when they arrive," a separate source told People. "It is a very country thing for country folk and completely different to their life in London. The children will be among the wildlife from day one, so it will be ideal."

Really, the 10-bedroom country estate and the sprawling grounds offers the highly-publicized family solitude, something they relish right now. In fact, the couple's team even sent a polite warning letter to media outlets to ensure that no paparazzi snaps are taken of the family at the estate.

"There have in the past been a number of intrusions into the privacy of the Royal Family, which in the main have been as a result of professional photographers using long distance lenses, not only to observe the Royal Family, but also to photograph them going about their activities on the Estate," the letter read. "Following warnings given to photographers and the photographic agencies involved, the position has greatly improved. However, we would remind you again of the position. The Sandringham Estate trusts that there will not be a need to take any further action other than bringing these points to your attention."

It continued, "With the above matters in mind, we would reiterate the clear request for acts of harassment and breaches of privacy to cease."