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We know him best as Dr. Evil's nefarious feline friend in the "Austin Powers" trilogy, but in real life "Mr. Bigglesworth" goes by the name Mel Gibskin and "likes to be the center of attention" according to his trainer Tammy Maples. Most recently, Mel, 10, co-starred with Lindsay Lohan and Jared Leto in 2007's "I Know Who Killed Me." (Apparently they all took an extended cat nap after that flop.) PeoplePets.com recently did a round up of Hollywood's favorite furballs, then and now. Let's catch up with some other cute star critters.

Bruiser, "Legally Blonde": Better known to fiends and family by the name Moonie, Reese Witherspoon's adorable adorable Chihuahua co-star is now 10, but still loves hanging out in handbags and continues to moonlight in various television roles.

Marcel, "Friends": This playful Capuchin monkey's real name is Ripley, and he's actually one of three animal actors who played the simian pal to David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, et al. on the hit TV series. Now 17, Ripley lives in a monkey habitat on trainer Hayden Rosenaur's ranch and still books TV gigs. In his spare time, he enjoys unwrapping boxes filled with food and toys.

Marley, "Marley and Me": Three-year-old golden lab Clyde was the lead dog in a group of 22 canines used in the movie. lately he's been enjoying his down time at the dog park, swimming pool and beach in between shooring episodes of the crime drama "Life."

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