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Farrah Abraham of "Teen Mom" has a bone to pick with pregnant Kourtney Kardashian.

Abraham, 20, took to Twitter to express her disapproval over E! reality star Kardashian's second pregnancy, which she announced exclusively to Us Weekly on Wednesday.

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"I'm shocked Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant again. Did she not learn anything from 'Teen Mom'?" Abraham, single mom to 2-year-old Sophia, oddly seethed in a Friday post on the microblogging site. "Maybe it's a fake pregnancy like Kim's wedding. SAD."

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Though Kardashian, 32, and her boyfriend of five years, Scott Disick, 28, are in a stable relationship and are already parents to son Mason, 2, Abraham is indiscriminate with her criticism. "Double standards in this world? Yes, and guess what? Age and money honestly do not change a person's poor choice. Quit making excuses," she ranted.

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It didn't take long for members of the Kardashian clan to fire back.

"Why would I have anything to do with 'Teen Mom'?" Kourtney tweeted. "I'm 32 years old! I may look young, honey, but don't get it twisted."

Disick also responded by tweeting, "We're not teenagers, ya f------ moron."

Khloe, 27, then asked Disick on the microblogging site how he knew who Abraham was. His blunt reply? "I just thought she was some s--- stain on Twitter, no?"

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Friday's online outburst is not the first time Abraham has taken aim at the Kardashians.

In January, she fumed after Kourtney's sister Kim, 31, dissed the "Teen Mom" franchise, and argued that the show's subjects are "not people you should idolize."

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"Sex tape, drinking stupidly, Playboy, all the guys?" she tweeted in response to Kim's jab. "Really, you remind me of a mess. I am a role model, so if people are in need, I can help."


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