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In just the past two weeks, Tila Tequila has claimed that she's pregnant, and the father of the child is; (1) a Swedish man, gorgeous, (2) "an American hero" who, after serving in the U.S. Army and being shot in Afghanistan, is now a fireman and EMT!" and (3) the rapper The Game.


This is not the first time Tequila has made outrageous pregnancy proclamations. Nor is it even the second time.

Over the summer, Tequila took to Twitter to announce that she was with child, only to quickly take down the tweet, and later write on her blog, "Maybe I was pregnant, or maybe I wasn't pregnant."

Fast forward to December 20 when she tweeted, "Im pregnant!!!!" and said, "I am going to become a SURROGATE MOTHER for my brother & his Wife!!! That is my xmas present to them."

That, too, was a lie.

She was NOT pregnant.

And now a month later, she once more says she's pregnant, this time, thanks to a Swedish, American war vet turned firefighter and rapper.

For the record, The Game, who she most recently pointed to as the proud papa, has denied paternity. He even said,  "I'm not the father," and "I ain't never had a conversation with her."

Suffice to say, Gossip Cop believes she is probably lying (again), but if she is miraculously pregnant with this Swedish, rapping, firefighting, war hero spawn, then we feel sorry for the kid.

Mostly, we're disgusted by her "I'm pregnant/I'm not pregnant" games, especially since countless women have a (real) problem conceiving or suffer miscarriages.

That said, we would like you to vote on whether you believe this Tequila-soaked tale.

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