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Even sparkly vampires should know better than to mess with the powerful, supernatural force that is Courtney Love on a rant. But Robert Pattinson is risking the wrath of the motor-mouthed, mentally iffy rocker by taking aim at her negative response to rumors that he'd been tapped to headline a long-in-development Kurt Cobain biopic (she called the possibility "stupid," "wrong" and "silly").

"Sometimes these things just appear," the tween-adored "Twilight" idol is quoted as telling the London Daily Mirror of an April tabloid report that claimed he was donning flannel to get grunge-y opposite a Courtney-channeling Scarlett Johansson in the flick.

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"I love Nirvana," says Pattinson, "but I love them a bit too much -- I'd be embarrassed. And you see all these comments, like from Courtney Love, saying 'What the [bleep]! He's totally wrong for it', and I'm like, 'I [bleeping] said no, you [part of the male anatomy that rhymes with pick]!'"

And, for the record, "I didn't get offered [the part]," he confirms. "For one thing, I'm too tall, and I can't sing like him, I'm nothing like him! It's ridiculous."

The Widow Cobain has said she'd prefer Ryan Gosling or James McAvoy in the Kurt role.

Meanwhile, in related feud news, Howard Stern is giving Larry King's suspenders a metaphorical snap after the retiring CNN host scoffed at the farfetched notion of the radio icon taking over for him.

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"I would do everything that Larry doesn't do because Larry's a loser and he lost his entire audience," Stern zings to the New York Daily News. "Let's be honest, he didn't retire willingly. The man had one foot in the grave. It's obvious, he is no longer relevant."

In an interview with Steppin' Out magazine, Larry seemed offended that anyone would even consider Howard a worthy replacement for his preparation-free, frequently discombobulated interviewer gig.

"He's not tasteful at all," King reportedly said. "You go to the least common denominator and that's Howard Stern ... I regard Howard Stern as worthless."

Howard's comeback: "It's alleged he was banging his wife's sister and he's saying that I'm tasteless? He's a frog … an imp and he's the luckiest man in show business."

On his radio show Tuesday, the self-proclaimed King of All Media also accused the eight-time-married host of paying a bit too attention to his leggy blond wife, Beth, when he was in the studio a while back for a sit-down. According to Howard, it was "very weird."

King, who recently withdrew his divorce petition against wife Shawn Southwick, has refused to comment further on the tiff.

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