Owen Sweeney / Invision/AP 1 / 2
Owen Sweeney / Invision/AP 1 / 2

Filter drummer Jeff Fabb was barred from a restaurant on Wednesday night because of his neck tattoo.

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The rockers headed to meet fans at Brothers Bar & Grill in Denver after their show in the city, but Fabb was refused entry because of his visible inkings.

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The band has now posted a video on YouTube.com showing them being turned away from the eatery, and Fabb tells the Hollywood Reporter, "I had eaten in the restaurant twice, and after the show we walked back there. The door guy was about to let Amir, our merch guy in, but he wouldn't let me in. I went to speak with the manager and he was confrontational from the moment he saw me. He really didn't care that we'd been there earlier. I was kind of hurt, since most of the people who were in there at the time were from our show and we wanted to join them."

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Patrick called for a boycott of the restaurant chain, adding, "This is prejudice pure and simple."