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We're not in the '90s anymore. Andrew Keegan once adorned the walls of teenage girl's bedrooms everywhere at one time last century. My, how things have changed.

Keegan, now 36, has traded in his once-promising acting career to become a spiritual guru. Some may even say he's the leader of a cult.

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The "10 Things I Hate About You" actor recently co-founded a "community spiritual center" called Full Circle. New York Magazine recently profiled Andrew and his newfound group.

"Hi, I'm Andrew," he told the gathering of 50 people in the group's headquarters in Venice, Calif., not far from the Pacific Ocean. "We love you, Andrew!" the group chants back. After all the back-and-forth pleasantries, Andrew bowed his head and said, "Today, I'm here to activate high vibes." The circle nods approvingly and responds in unison: "And so it is."

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Basically, the magazine said, there's a lot of "om-ing" in the church, and the actual theology is tough to pin down.

Having spent more than $150,000 to open the "church," the former teen heartthrob is at ease with this life. He can't exactly say the same thing about his previous life, though.

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"Some of these images still make me cringe," he said of the thousands of photos he took for teen magazine's like Tiger Beat and Bop Magazine. "Maybe one day I'll make a friend at Google and they can all be taken off the Internet."

"Back then, I'd be at a mall, and a traveling soccer team of girls would run up and be like, 'I love you!'" he continued. "Anonymity was an almost impossible experience."